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Many clients ask us if a web accessibility banner, with an 800 number for disabled user to call for help, constitutes compliance with ADA regulations. This is a fair question since the Department of Justice stated in 2010 that telephone access could be considered compliance.   We like to approach this from a customer standpoint


As we discussed in one of our recent posts, Blick Art Materials, LLC is just one of the latest companies that has come face-to-face with the importance of ADA compliance and the consequences of not providing reasonable accommodations for the public. The U.S. District Course for the Eastern District of New York has already issued


The recent Wine, Women & Shoes charity event, benefitting the Florida Cancer Specialists Foundation, was an opportunity for ADASure to contribute to a great cause in the community. More than just a standard networking event, Wine, Women & Shoes functions offer companies like ADASure the chance to provide real support for an organization that does


While the full scope of ADA protections when it comes to websites and mobile apps is unclear, a number of recent decisions and opinions do show a trend toward stricter interpretation and enforcement of ADA standard. Such is the case with Reed v. CVS Pharmacy, Inc. in the Central District of California, where a judge


  It is with great pride and honor that we announce our acceptance into the World Wide Web Consortium. To be in the organization responsible for the Web Accessibility Initiative is big accomplishment for us. Since becoming a member in September, we have taken advantage of this opportunity and joined a Specialization Task Force so


WCAG 2.0 guideline 3.3.1 requires that input errors are clearly identified. In short, these rules require an indicator to let you know which fields are required, an error message if a field is missed or entered improperly, and finally an error suggestion so users know how to fix an issue. Here are just a few


During the past week, we produced over 150 pages of audit results for multiple companies. One area we consistently saw difficulty was videos. The first thing we noticed is that companies are producing high-quality videos with great content. The second thing we noticed is that most videos are not ADA compliant and accessible so they


Last week, The Chicago Tribune published a piece detailing the recent accessibility filings against Kmart, Empire Today, and Ace Hardware. The plaintiff, Kayla Reed, alleged “…running websites and mobile apps that blind and visually impaired people can’t read also means denying potential customers products and services, a violation of the Americans with Disabilities Act”. Ms.


We have been so busy with new clients here at ADASure that we have regrettably fallen behind with our blog posts. Thankfully, the additional work has helped us gain more insight into key issues that our partners are dealing with now. We wanted to share in hopes of helping other professionals identify and fix these


Vick Andrews, who is legally blind, is suing Blick Art Materials, LLC for discriminating against him based on his disability. Blick’s website, “dickblick.com“, contains access barriers which deny full and equal access. The court stated that Andrew has a right to obtain effective access to Blick’s website to make purchases, learn about products, and enjoy


The question that continues to be presented to the courts is whether a retail store with an online presence must ensure that its website and mobile app are accessible to those with disabilities. The Supreme Court reminds us of the following:   “While we now may be coming to the realization that the Cyber Age


WCAG 2.1! The latest version of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) was published yesterday for public feedback.  Over 70 experts from around the world from top universities and companies like Google and IBM were active in the development of this document. Our team is reviewing now. A final version is expected mid-year 2018.  Here’s


More than ever, companies are seeing the benefits of hiring an outside consultant to audit their website and validate their accessibility status. Although you may be content with the internal audits performed by your organization’s staff, it would be impossible to judge their impartiality without seeking the advice of an independent credible external company. Debugging


Think that you can push off accessibility compliance until 2018? Better ask the Tech crew over at Five Guys why that isn’t a good plan! Five Guys Enterprises, LLC recently argued that they are in the process of updating the accessibility of their website, however; the courts identified that “they have yet to successfully do


WCAG 2.0, Section 508, ADA? If you are not familiar with these terms Mortgage Brokers/Realtors, then your website may not be accessible to potential clients. Not to mention, this could also result in major legal and financial penalties! The president of the National Association of Realtors, Tom Salomone, has also identified this as a threat as


Recently, there was a topic on the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) working group that I wanted to share. First, a bit about WAI. WAI is a group of technology and accessibility advocates and experts who share thoughts, issues, and questions regarding the current WCAG2.0 standard. This is important because there is also a working draft


Is web accessibility a part of your company culture? You’re probably asking yourself why anyone would need to incorporate this into their current culture, but allow me to explain. The more you and your colleagues understand accessibility, the easier it will be to effectively implement within your organization. This is important so that your company

“I use a screen reader software to ensure that my website is accessible.” This is a common statement that we hear when talking to businesses regarding website accessibility. The only problem with this common misconception is that a ‘screen reader check” only confirms that your site is accessible to users that are blind. You must also


In my previous post I mentioned that a new precedent was being set when the grocery chain, Winn-Dixie, was found liable under Title III of the ADA for having an inaccessible website. The following week, the courts ruled that Sean Gorecki, a blind plaintiff could proceed forward with a lawsuit against Hob-Lob, Limited Partnership, which

National Disability Independence Day is celebrated on July 26th to honor the anniversary of when the ADA act was passed (July 26, 1990). The Americans with disabilities act was passed by Congress as the nation’s first comprehensive law that prohibits discrimination, and guarantees that people with disabilities have the same opportunities as everyone else. Although the


A new precedent was set when the honorable Robert Scoula, a District Judge of the United States District Court for the Southern District of Florida, found Winn-Dixie liable under Title III of the ADA for having an inaccessible website. The plaintiff, Juan Carlos Gil, was unable to find the store locator, order his prescriptions, or

Frequently in the course of consultations, conferences, or casual conversations, the focus will turn to the same question; “What’s the legal standard for accessibility?” There are some clearly established guidelines that help developers, designers, and other provide for accessibility in their work. WCAG 2.0 AA—a mid-level standard of conformance to accessibility requirements—was the set of


At ADAsure, we have completed thousands of website accessibility tests, scans and audits to help companies identify noncompliance with the ADA and WCAG 2.0 standards. Last week’s ruling by Florida federal District Court Judge Robert Scola against Winn-Dixie appears to be the first federal case enforces these standards. This means their website must “be accessible

Your site is not complete or compliant after an initial audit, and at ADASure that means our work is not done either. Ensuring accessibility for everyone is an ongoing process, and the available tools, resources, and regulations are constantly evolving. What that means for businesses and organizations like yours is that the website is a


A number of companies and services may promise to offer a rapid, fully automated compliance audit for your website. But the truth is that the complete process is more involved than simply pointing some piece of software at your content and waiting for the report. Scanning software, while useful, is not perfect. That is why

Lately, there’s been an abundance of sites which we’ve reviewed that continue to have this issue so I wanted to dedicate our first June post to why simple concepts like this one can have a major impact on the disabled. During my time in programming, development, and compliance, I’ve reviewed thousands of sites where most of


Overlooking ADA compliance during the creation of a site is common, but it is also detrimental to two categories of people – you and your customers.   Many developers, businesses, and organizations place ADA compliance at the end of their to-do list for one simple reason—they don’t believe that they are affected by accessibility issues,

Making the web more accessible to everyone can mean a lot of different things to different people. Fortunately, Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) 2.0 provide information and guidance on a full range of recommendations that make sites more accessible. From hearing and vision impairments to learning disabilities, limited mobility, and more, WCAG 2.0 has been


Most people—programmers included—who understand ADA also recognize the importance of making information accessible to everyone. But there is one common obstacle that often derails even the best-laid web development plans – time.   I started to think about ways to address this issue and help other people achieve a higher level of compliance for their

While the ADA can trace its origin back to the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, Section 508—the amendment that concerns electronic and information technologies—it did not create binding guidelines for accessibility as related to technology until 1998.   Of course, the legislators who originally drafted the legislation could not have foreseen the advent of the internet,


My career, like most people’s, has taken some interesting twists and turns along the way, but one thing has always stayed at the forefront of my efforts—making information available to everyone, everywhere.   When I started studying information science as an undergrad, “accessibility” was a word that existed in my vocabulary in terms of physical